Health insurance for Thailand long stay visa Non-Immigrant O-A and Non-Immigrant O-X (10 years)
Non-Immigrant O-A is for Foreigner age of 50 and over *foreigner must have a permanent residence in a country in which the application is submitted. validity of visa is 1 year also period of stay is 1 year. Can be extended for 1 year every year. Employment prohibited

Non-Immigrant O-X (10 years) for foreigner. Ordinary passport holder with a nationality of Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America, with the age of 50 years old and over. Spouse and child (age under 20 years old). valid of visa is 5 years and period of stay is 5 years. Can be extended for another 5 years after the first 5 years. ? Can work as a volunteer (in accordance with the list of volunteer work as stipulated by the Department of Employment).
? Can purchase vehicle (under the provision of laws on motor vehicles).
? Can purchase condominium (proceed in accordance with the Condominium Act).

*** For foreigner staying in Thailand with these type of visa , notification of stay every 90 days with the immigration bureau is required.
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ForNon-Thai citizens before check-in at the airport of origin, the traveler must show Health insurance to the airlines (in an amount of at least 100,000 USD) that should cover all expenditures of medical treatment while traveling to Thailand. The travelers need to purchase health insurance before traveling. (impact of the covid-19 pandemic period)

We have 3 health insurance companies to provide
1. AXA health insurance for more details click HERE

2. Tune insurance Thailand for more details click HERE (purchase online by yourself)

3. Pacific Cross Health insurance for more detail click HERE

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When you are in Thailand and looking Health Insurance for Long Stay Visa we provide below

1. AXA compulsory insurance for long stay visa
- Applicable for both Non ? Immigrant Visa "O-A" & Non ? Immigrant Visa "O-X" (10 years)
- Coverage for hospital Inpatient treatment up to 600,000 THB
- Coverage for Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Loss of Hearing, Loss of Speech or Permanent Disability up to 80,000 THB
- Outpatient Medical Expenses (OPD), coverage up to 45,000 THB/year
- Download AXA brochure and pricing click HERE
- Download AXA application click HERE

2. Pacific Cross health insurance for long stay visa applicant
Our Company is approved by Thailand Immigration
- Applicant entry age up to 75 years
- Policy renewability to age 99 years
- Pre-existing health conditions can be considered, but must be declared
- We offers a wide range of Inpatient Benefits from 450,000 Baht to 50 Million Baht and Outpatient Benefits from 40,000 Baht upwards
- Worldwide Cover
- Affordable premiums
- Fully Staffed English and Thai speaking office Language capabilities include: German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese
- 24/7 ? 365 emergency assistance and support
- Annual limits per disability per year rather than combined
- Cashless Inpatient and Outpatient treatment for treatment in our hospital network of 360+ in Thailand alone.
- Individual cover ranging from 450,000 Baht right through to 50 Million Baht
- Download brochure and pricing click HERE
- Download application click HERE

Contact us for issue insurance policy as below:
Line Official Account URL or click HERE
Add line ID: @kanokwanprakanpai
Youtube Channel visit >> or click HERE
Tel: +6689 7990051
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Dear Traveler ประกันแสนเหรียญ สำหรับชาวต่างชาติเข้าไทย
Health insurance at least 100,000USD cover medical treatment (Including COVID-19) while traveling to Thailand need to purchase for your obtain Thai visa (COE) and must show before your airline boarding or check in at your airport.
See your plan >> or click HERE
Purchase online click >> HERE ซื้อออนไลน์ ได้กรมธรรม์ทันที
By Tune Insurance Public Company Limited

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New premium stat 8 April 2021

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Health insurance cover covid-19 treatment 100,000USD to Thailand for COE
For brochure click HERE
Purchase online PURCHASE_HERE

Contact us:
Tel,Whatsapp: +6689 7990051
Line ID: @kanokwanprakanpai
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